We don’t use any industrial bases when producing our ice-cream, just a few simple, select, natural ingredients, such as water, fresh milk, fresh dairy cream, sugar, fiber, eggs, top-quality fruit, IGP-certified Piedmont hazelnuts, and our chocolate.
Our gelato offers rich, all-Italian flavors, with completely natural colors. No bright green for the pistacchio or vivid pink for the strawberry. The shades are the exactly the same as the fruit they come from.

Our Creams

Dolcenero recreates the recipes of the best Italian gelato tradition: our flavors have milk and cream as their main ingredient.  The velvety and creamy texture and appealing flavours are achieved by using only local and organic ingredients.

Our Fruits

We select the best and the freshest fruit for our ice cream. We change our flavours every season to create exquisite sorbet specialties 

All the flavour and goodness of freshly picked fruit.  Dolcenero offers refreshing fruit sorbet made only from real seasonal fresh fruit (without the use of fruit purees, jams or synthetic aromas).  The recipe is simple: water, fruit, and sugar.

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